Tips on Hiring a Roofing Contractor in Indianapolis

No matter where you live, your roof should be in pristine condition. However, if you live in an intense seasonal climate like Indianapolis, where heat, sleet, rain, and blizzards are common, you have a graver responsibility to maintain your roof. Unfortunately, you’re more likely to experience long-term damage and expensive repairs with this type of exposure to the elements.

No homeowner has the time to get up there frequently and perform maintenance (nor should they, as this is extremely dangerous), which is why it’s essential to seek roofing contractors in Indianapolis for inspections, maintenance, and repairs.

Of course, you’ll need the absolute best person for the job. So, how do you know what makes the best roofing contractors in Indianapolis?

In this guide, we’ll share a few tips when searching Indianapolis roofing companies.

1. Verify Legitimacy

Like any other service, you seek experts who are certified for the job. Hiring roofing contractors should be no different.

A good place to verify legitimacy is the Better Business Bureau. The BBB approve accredited businesses throughout the country and can help you determine experienced, trustworthy companies for roof repair in Indianapolis vs. uncredited contractors.

If a contractor you’re speaking with isn’t certified by the BBB, search elsewhere.

2. Ensure You Are Insured

For a service that requires working at great heights, having insurance as a roofing company should be a given. It is very risky to work with a business that does not have any insurance whatsoever. No insurance indicates a lack of concern for not only customer safety but also the employees.

Ask potential contractors about their insurance policies and for official documentation that certifies that they are updated with their providers. Safety should be the number one priority of any business, but especially roofing companies in Indianapolis. If a business does not care about the condition of their employees through insurance, then the chances are strong that they will not go above and beyond with your services.

3. Seek Recommendations

Ask your friends and family about services they would recommend when it comes to scheduling Indianapolis roofing. If they have lived in the area all of their lives, then they likely know which contractors provide the best service in the area.

However, it’s also wise to get the opinions from people outside of your inner circle, so ask around your community. Maybe your yoga instructor has an awesome roofer in mind.

4. Search the Web for Information

Researching on your own never hurts. Use your favorite search engine to look for a contractor’s certifications. Check how up-to-date contractors are on their records.

Checking a business’s online presence is also a huge indicator of its friendliness and professionalism. Check through both good and bad reviews (if any) to see the full scope of the business’ treatment towards customers and quality of work.

Bottom Line

When hiring roofing companies in Indianapolis, it is important to avoid rushing into signing contracts with the first available service. Look into a business’s certifications, portfolio, and customer reviews. It also never hurts to ask for recommendations from trusted friends and family.