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Hoel Roofing and Remodeling can repair your metal roof and restore it to its original glory in no time at all. Our roof company specializes in metal roofs and our team of experienced roof contractors understands everything there is to know when it comes to metal roofs, particularly steel roofs.

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We know a metal roof is a big investment that must be protected and maintained so that it lasts the full length of its natural lifespan. We want to help you get the most out of your investment. Furthermore, we can work with any existing insurance policies that you may have on your roof to make sure that your repairs are covered. In the event of an emergency, our emergency repair team can make sure to protect the framework of your house and what is left of your roof.

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I am more than happy with the service I got with Hoel Roofing and Remodeling. The gentleman was professional, kind, and attentive. I called on a Tuesday and he came to my house the very next day! He gave me exactly what I was asking for and beyond. I asked for a letter for my insurance company and he was more than happy to email one to me. I received it not even 20 minutes later. Great service!

-Elizabeth L.

Had a metal roof put on my tornado damaged garage. The crew did a great job. Cleaned up after. Will use again if needed for other jobs.
-Carol G.

Hoel group has done an awesome job revitalizing the roof, soffets, fascia, and gutters on a home built in 1868. They were able to handle everything an old house could throw at you ….super happy with the whole team and the results. Shout out to Jerry and Nick …Thanks Hoel !!!

-Ella C.


Even if you’ve tried to keep your roof in perfect condition, leaks and dents can occasionally occur after a natural disaster or a storm. Rushville and central Indiana are susceptible to ice storms and strong winds from time to time, and these incidents can bring some damage. It’s important to address these problems right away so that they don’t turn into bigger problems. Fortunately, our team of roof contractors knows what to do and can provide plans to address all these problems. No matter what the problem is with your metal roof, Hoel Roofing and Remodeling can fix it.

Metal Roof Leaks
You know something is wrong when you see a leak coming through your roof. Despite the durability of a metal roof, occasionally strong storms or weeks of ice can cause a leak to open up in your roof. Some other causes could be related to faulty installation, especially failed fasteners or failed flashing. The fixes for these can be as simple as restoring the flashing or fixing the fastener.

Scuffs and Scratches
Metal roofs are susceptible to the occasional scuff and scratch. While these minor problems don’t cause any structural damage to your roof or present any concerns for your home, they can be eyesores. A large scuff or scratch might also indicate the need for one of your metal panels to be replaced, depending on the severity of the gouge. Our roof company can help clean up your metal roof and make it shine once more.

Metal Roof Corrosion
Corrosion will eventually happen to all metal roofs, but it shouldn’t happen during the first fifty years of the lifespan of your roof. Something might be wrong with the underlayment. If your metal roof was installed over a shingle roof, the shingles might also cause the underside of the metal roof to corrode.

Dissimilar Metals
Metal roofs should not be paired with certain kinds of other metal, otherwise, a galvanization effect could happen and lead to corrosion of your roof. Air conditioners, chimneys, gutters, and hasty DIY repairs can lead to these chemical reactions and cause your roof to become damaged over time.



In Rushville and central Indiana, Hoel Roofing and Remodeling can repair almost all metal roofs. This will help help you protect your valuable investment. Our team of professional roofers has years of experience tackling repairs of all shapes and sizes. What’s more, if you need a repair done right away, our emergency repair services can make sure your roof functions until a proper repair can be done. We can match and replace panels on your roof to make sure that any repairs don’t stick out like a sore thumb. Neither your roof’s appearance nor its integrity will be compromised by our professional repair.


Your Rushville or central Indiana metal roof is both an investment and a crucial asset to your home or business. Hoel Roofing and Remodeling works both within your budget and under your existing insurance policy.

The cost of repairs will vary based on several factors. These include the current state of your roof, the damage done to the entire roofing system, and your roof’s age. If your metal roof has a specific patina but needs one or two panels replaced, it could take some time to replicate that patina to match the rest of your roof.

Our roofing contractors know that insurance policies cover some kinds of damage, especially from natural disasters. We’ll work with you to get the best repair plan possible under your existing policy. Our job isn’t over until you’re happy with your roof.

Some estimates may discover that it could be cheaper to replace the roof than to fix it. Occasionally, a roof is damaged so beyond repair that the only thing to do is replace it. We’ll keep you informed once we’ve made our estimate.

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