5 Things to Know When You Notice a Roof Leak

A roof leak can be a small nuisance or a homeowner’s worst nightmare. It can stem from various sources, including poor work performed by a prior Indianapolis roofing contractor and clogged gutters.

But no matter what, it’s an issue you’ll want to fix right away. Otherwise, you could see extensive property damage in the near future if the leak grows.

If you notice a leak, your home will require roof repair in Indianapolis. Our roofing contractors in Indianapolis can address the issue timely to prevent costly damages to your home.

Before you call us, here are five things to look out for that could indicate a roof leak.

1) Damaged Shingles

Shingles are essential elements of your roof, as they protect the underlayment from outdoor elements. Plus, they provide some great aesthetic appeal.

Because shingles are the outer portions of your roof, it’s pretty easy to notice when they sustain damage. Are your shingles cracked or hanging loose? Maybe they’re curling, which results from water absorption. Perhaps some of your shingles are missing altogether, having blown off due to heavy winds or a severe thunderstorm.

The best roofing companies in Indianapolis will visit your property and assess shingle damage. From there, the contractors will determine the best route for repair, whether that be repairing a few intermittent shingles or performing a complete replacement.

2) Missing Granules

Identifying snapped or missing shingles is simple, but you may need to look more closely. What do your shingles’ granules look like?

Granules protect shingles from the sun’s UV rays and general wear and tear. If the granules are missing or starting to fall off, you’ll need to seek roof repair in Indianapolis. Bare shingles protect your home from the elements, but roofing contractors in Indianapolis can help.

3) Dark Spots on Your Walls, Ceiling, or Roof

If water makes its way past your shingles and into your house, you’ll start to notice internal damage. The most telling signs of a roof leak (from an internal perspective) are dark spots on your walls or ceiling. If you look at your home from the street, you may even notice dark spots on your roof.

If you don’t address a roof leak, the water can travel down your roof’s rafters and produce another leak away from the original spot.

Once homeowners notice unsightly dark spots, they should contact quality roofing contractors in Indianapolis. The best roofing companies in Indianapolis will detect the leaks’ source and address them to prevent long-term issues.

4) Poor Attic Ventilation

Is your attic poorly ventilated? If so, the summer heat can become trapped inside of it. This process can heat up your shingles significantly, causing their longevity to dwindle. Don’t even get us started on the cost of your electricity bill.

Are you unsure if your attic has poor ventilation? Check to see if your home has any attic vents on the roof or in the eaves. You can also feel your ceiling on a warm day. If it feels abnormally warm, your attic is likely cooking your shingles.

If you suspect poor attic ventilation, contact our Indianapolis roofing company to prevent serious roof damage.

5) Roof Rot

Roof rot results from roof leaks or when too much moisture accumulates in your attic. It can develop quickly and cause your roof to cave in if you don’t address it as soon as possible.

Protect your home and your loved ones by contacting qualified roofing contractors to perform roof repair in Indianapolis.

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