Beware of Storm Chasers After Big Storms in Indianapolis, IN

If you own a home or business in Indianapolis, IN, you know that big storms can mean trouble for your bank account. Indiana’s strong winds and rain knock down branches every year, leading to expensive roof repair in Indianapolis.

While Indy’s harsh weather might be unavoidable, you can avoid overpaying for roofing and siding maintenance by knowing the difference between the best roofing companies in Indianapolis and the area’s infamous storm chasers. These low-quality companies prey on victims of storm damage and make your life more complicated than necessary.

What makes these companies so bad? How can you spot storm chasers vs. the best local roofing companies in Indianapolis?

We’ll answer these questions below. Use this guide to help you avoid scams and find the best roofing contractors In Indianapolis instead.


What are Storm Chasers in Indianapolis, IN?

Storm chasers are self-proclaimed roofing “experts” that arrive in town in the aftermath of a local storm. They’re notorious for offering sub-par services and tacking on hidden costs. After a repair job, they skip town, leaving their unsatisfied clients with faulty repairs, an unsafe home, and no way to get their money back.

Why Should You Avoid Indianapolis Roofing Storm Chasers?

Because these contractors aren’t local, they can get away with lying to clientele with minimal backlash. It is common practice for one of these companies to appear at your door after hurricanes or harsh weather and offer to help with a problem you didn’t have in the first place. These scammers will examine the property and lie about damage so that they can charge you for repair services.

When these contractors render actual services, they often have shoddy workmanship. These companies opt for quick, cheap fixes so that they can collect money from clients and ditch town before the fix is revealed to be faulty.

On the other hand, the local roofing companies Indianapolis has to offer will provide quality repairs and have full transparency with clients. They also stay in town, which means that a dialogue can remain open even after the services are rendered.

How To Spot Indianapolis Roofing Storm Chasers

Storm chasers might be prevalent in Indianapolis after a big storm. The good news is they’re easy to spot if you know the signs. Here’s how you can identify a storm chaser before they start roof repair in Indianapolis, IN:

  • Be skeptical of door-to-door repair teams and do your research before agreeing to the hire
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau or look for online reviews and ratings
  • Speak in explicit terms about any costs that may be added to your initial estimate so that you aren’t blindsided by vague offers with hidden costs
  • Ask about brick and mortar locations, previous clients in the area, and evidence of the business online

If the roofing contractors in Indianapolis that you are working with are unable to turn up any evidence of quality work or good business practices, you may be vetting a storm chaser.

Work With Industry Experts For Quality Storm Repair

You’ll want to get the fastest roofing repair in Indianapolis after a storm. However, do not book the first company that comes your way.

Research roofing contractors in Indianapolis and look for testimonials, plenty of reviews, and full transparency.